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City of  Inkster Volunteers

Inkster Volunteers is committed to rebuilding a healthy, caring community. With a broad range of talents and professionals onboard, we strive for a better tomorrow. The City of Inkster Dot Net is always looking for more volunteers (there is power in numbers) and we only ask that you care about our great city and in return, you will help insure a greater tomorrow for our children. Use the Contact Us page to see how you can get involved with the City of Inkster Dot Net!

We encourage you to look around the website and hope that you will be inspired to work freely in (y)our community in an effort to better (y)our environment.

Kindness is contagious. Since the economy has plummeted, morale is at a low. You can help turn this around by mowing your neighbors lawn (at a respectable hour), invite them over for a BBQ and share your culinary expertise. Share rides to the grocery store. We all get in life what we put in. Share your good fortune of kindness and soon, it will become an epidemic.

This is the official unofficial City of Inkster website. If you have suggestions, please contact the site administrator by using the contact us page.

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